Our Services

We offer a range of services to help the older people of Copeland on all aspects of later life including;

  • Supporting themselves and managing financially
  • Applying for benefits & blue badges
  • Understanding & accessing relevant housing options
  • Living independently through assessment for aids & adaptations

We can also support you to access a wide range or other local services and refer you on to relevant outside agencies for services and support groups.

Managing Financially

Helping people to support themselves and manage financially.

Living Safely & Independently

Supporting older people to live safely & Independent in their own homes or where ever they choose.

Housing Options

Understanding and accessing relevant Housing Options.

If you or someone you know needs our help

Service Fees:

In order for us to provide our services, we charge a one-off nominal fee for each service as follows;
£10 fee for assistance with Blue Badge applications (the cost of a Blue Badge is £10 as well as the fee)
£20 for a holistic assessment including assistance with benefit checks/claims, housing options advice/applications and assessment for aids and adaptations
£50 fee for assistance with Lasting Power of Attorney applications

These one-off fees will ensure that our service is sustainable and continues to support over 55’s in Copeland.

How to access our service:

Self referral by phone on 01946 552166
Via email: referrals@caasteam.com
Health service/GP referral
Family or friends referral
Adult Social Care or other relevant agency referral